chapter  9
The joint development concept in the South China Sea workshop process
ByHasjim Djalal
Pages 9

One of the most important issues in the South China Sea is the question of joint development or joint cooperation. This approach as one way of overcoming territorial problems. The Workshop on Managing Potential Conflict in the South China Sea (SCSW) even formed a Special Technical Working Group (TWG) on Resources Assessment and Ways of Development (TWG-RAWD) to deal with this topic and the TWG met several times, including in Jakarta. There have also been plenty of regional organizations that have dealt with fisheries issues in the South China Sea area, such as the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), the Indo-Pacific Fisheries Commission (IPFC), International Centre for Living Aquatic Resources Management (ICLARM) and others. The knowledge of those organizations might also be tapped for the benefit of cooperative efforts in the South China Sea area. There may be other non-South China Sea states that may have interests in the living resources in the area, particularly Japan and Korea.