chapter  2
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The three stages of gender in law


The author reading of Kopytem sem, kopytem tam, a film rendition of the 'bleak times of Normalization' and the first and only Czech full-length feature film dealing with HIV and AIDS, builds on these differing investments. The discourse on AIDS in Czechoslovakia has been, since its beginnings in the mid-1980s, moulded by the sentiment that AIDS puts society to the test and strips it to its bare essentials; or as one of the longer articles on AIDS framed it: 'AIDS examines the cultural state of society'. To approach this connection, He proposes two different lines of reading. First, he examines the contemporary reactions the film raised. The author discuss the ways the reviews turned AIDS into a trope signifying 'moral decay', with indications of dissolving social bonds as well as the utter and general collapse of social relationality. Second, he moves on to deconstruct and analyse the outbreak narrative itself and the moral panic in which it was steeped.