chapter  1
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Expropriated voice: transformations of gender culture under state socialism; Czech society, 1948–89


This chapter seeks to investigate the effects of the state-socialist authoritative ideological discourse on the formation of gender discourses in late state socialism using the example of the Czech cultural environment. The first part of the chapter outlines the key theoretical concepts; the next two sections present an analysis of a textual sample consisting of journalism and novels produced during the perestroika years. The second and third parts of the chapter reads a sample of texts from the perestroika period against the main discourses of femininity and masculinity circulating in Western scholarly literature at the time. The author argues that although the authoritative ideological discourse, which promoted women's emancipation, had to compete with residual patriarchal discourse, this competition had productive effects concerning the repositioning of discourses on heterosexual femininity and, in different ways, heterosexual masculinity.