chapter  1
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T he Surgeon G eneral’s R eport on AIDS

ByC. Everett Koop, Michael E. Samuels

O n February 5, 1986, President Ronald Reagan, in an address to the U.S. D epartm ent o f H ealth and H um an Services, d irected the Surgeon G eneral o f the U.S. Public H ealth Service to p repare a m ajor rep o rt to the A m erican people on AIDS. In p reparing this report, Surgeon G eneral C. Everett Koop followed two parallel lines o f inquiry. He consulted with the top clinical and research experts in the field, many o f whom were in the Public H ealth Service (e.g., Dr. A nthony S. Fauci, D irector o f the National Institute o f Allergy and Infectious Diseases). At the same time he held private m eetings with national organizations with specific interests in AIDS to listen to their concerns, share their insights, and build an inform al consensus on how to inform the A m er­ ican people about AIDS.