chapter  3
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The Treatm ent of People with AIDS: Psychosocial

T he im pact o f AIDS in ou r society is a continuing personal and social tragedy that is still unfolding. N ever before in the history o f a disease have so many physical and social forces collided with such a catastrophic outcom e. T h e th reaten ing personal and social context o f this disease creates m ultiple dy­ namics which determ ine who becomes infected, how the disease is spread, the extent o f its influence on the larger population, and societal responses. T hus, psychosocial considerations are o f m ajor consequence, playing a pivotal role in the treatm ent o f persons with AIDS, the effects on their families and social networks, as well as on the health care providers who themselves are affected participants. T he psychosocial considerations are com plex but readily identi­ fiab le an d can help d e te rm in e m ean in g fu l psychosocial tre a tm e n t a p ­ proaches. T he challenge for health care providers and relevant health and social organizations is to generate the strength, direction, and determ ination requ ired to respond to these encom passing needs and dem ands.