chapter  12
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The Patient with AIDS: Care and Concerns

W here can a person afflicted with acquired im m une deficiency syndrom e (AIDS) tu rn for care? T here is no easy answer to this question. Term inally ill persons are frequently spurned by traditional medical care, and this is all the m ore likely to occur when the person has AIDS. C urrently 90% o f persons with AIDS are hom osexual or bisexual men, or intravenous d ru g users. H o­ mosexuals and d ru g abusers have often been rejected by their biological fam i­ lies. T he tendency tow ard hom ophobia in ou r society, intensified by a fear o f death, has caused many social institutions as well to reject homosexuals, p a r­ ticularly those with AIDS. In some cases, lovers, friends, health care practi­ tioners, and clergy abandon persons with AIDS due to the fear o f contagion. Indeed, where can a person with AIDS tu rn for care?