chapter  14
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Public Schools Confront AIDS

T h e acqu ired im m une deficiency syndrom e (AIDS) was not im m ediately identified as a separate disease when it first appeared in the U nited States. Initially, a sharp rise in the incidence o f Kaposi’s sarcoma, a rare and usually fatal type o f cancer, was noticed, especially am ong homosexuals. This was la ter associated with a rise in the num ber o f cases o f Pneumocystis carinii pneum onia in the same population. W hen the disease now known as AIDS was identified in 1981 it was not thought to be contagious. W hat had been called the “Gay Epidem ic” and the “Haitian Disease” was finally nam ed Ac­ quired im m une deficiency syndrom e, or AIDS, in 1983.