chapter  11
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Disorders Manifesting a Physical Nature

The disorders discussed in this chapter include Tic Disorders, Stere­ otypic Movement Disorder (formerly Stereotypy/Habit Disorder), and Elimination Disorders from the childhood disorders section. These diagnostic categories demonstrate fairly straightforward symptom patterns characterized by specific physical impairment. We kept Stereotypic Movement Disorder in this chapter together with Tic Disorders in spite of the fact that such disparate behaviors as self-mutilation and head banging have rather different signifi­ cance and patterns of association from those of the Tic Disorders. Three other conditions-Sleepwalking, Nightmare, and Sleep Ter­ ror Disorders-are also discussed here because of their predomi­ nant occurrence in childhood even though DSM-IV retains them in the Sleep Disorders section. A welcome change in DSM-IV is the restoration of virtually all disorders to Axis I, eliminating the confusion in DSM-III-R where some developmental disorders (though none in this chapter) were on Axis I and others on Axis II.