Experience of Racism as a Correlate of Developmental and Health Outcomes Among Urban Adolescent Mental Health Clients
WithMichael Surko, Dianne Ciro, Caryl Blackwood, Michael Nembhard, Ken Peake
Pages 26

This chapter examines the connections between race/ethnicity and the following: environmental and behavioral risk, desire to talk with a counselor about each of ten life areas (e.g., education, safety, sexuality, substance use), and worry about each life area. It considers the connections between ethnic pride and: gender, stage of adolescence, and race/ethnicity. The chapter explores the connections between experienced racism and: race/ethnicity, gender, stage of adolescence, environmental and behavioral risk, worry in each of the life areas, and desire to talk about each of the life areas. It compares racism with other environmental risk factors on the number of significant correlates each has among indicators of behavioral risk, worry about each of the life areas, and coping in each of the life areas. The chapter concludes with clinical and program implications. It suggest that practitioners may need to carefully assess how experiences of racism affect the developing self-concept of adolescents in treatment.