Data-Mining Client Concerns in Adolescent Mental Health Services: Clinical and Program Implications
WithKen Peake, Michael Surko, Irwin Epstein, Daniel Medeiros
Pages 18

This chapter describes an adolescent mental health clinic's experience in involving clinicians, supervisors and program managers in utilizing clinical data-mining (CDM) for practice-based research (PBR) purposes. It describes the how the CDM process helped meet these goals, the organizational experience of doing it, and lessons learned from it. The chapter addresses the organizational and programmatic impact from standpoint of program administration. It describes experience from the standpoint of clinician participants. The CDM project gives expression to service wants and needs of AHC clients and the article concludes with a discussion of its implications for social workers and organizations elsewhere. The chapter discusses lessons learned about Adquest itself, about the organization as a whole and the services it provides, and finally what was achieved in terms of the ultimate goal of supporting and encouraging organizational reflection. The number of data-mining components to be studied and the even higher number of articles to be completed dictated a formalized and highly focused effort.