Collaborative Data-Mining in an Adolescent Mental Health Service: Clinicians Speak of Their Experience
WithDianne Ciro, Michael Nembhard
Pages 14

This chapter describes challenges they faced as non-experienced researchers and writers and how their practice skills enabled them to overcome these challenges. Even in the planning stages of this labor-intensive, year-long project, Adolescent Health Center (AHC) clinicians were aware of some of the challenges full participation would present. The most concrete of these was time constraints. Challenges that were not identified initially emerged as the project progressed and clinicians took on multiple roles, many of which were new to them. Although clinicians were intensely involved in every aspect of the project, not every clinician was involved in all aspects. For most, involvement came at different stages of the project. Some were involved in the creation of Adquest. Much of the social work literature about practice-research utilization-gen-erally written by academicians-faults clinicians for neither conducting, reading, nor utilizing research in their practice. Some clinicians had prior experience with practice-based research at AHC, including designing Adquest as a clinical tool.