Which Adolescents Need to Talk About Safety and Violence?
WithMichael Surko, Dianne Ciro, Erika Carlson, Nyanda Labor, Vincent Giannone, Elizabeth Diaz-Cruz, Ken Peake, Irwin Epstein
Pages 18

This chapter presents research findings extracted from a clinical intake questionnaire designed by clinicians to solicit information about prior experiences of trauma and discusses safety among adolescents seeking mental health counseling. It offers a "snapshot" of respondent exposure to violence and risk behaviors based on the frequency of responses for all 759 adolescents in the authors' clinical sample. The chapter considers gender and age differences associated with exposure to violence and engagement in risk behaviors. It explores the relationships between exposure to violence and risk behaviors on the one hand, and expressed desire to talk with a counselor about safety on other. The chapter describes the gender and age distributions of the mental health counseling applicants who fall into each of four typological categories on Safety Risk Scale. With regard to age, all indicators of environmental safety risk increased as adolescents got older.