Adolescents Seeking Mental Health Services: Self-Reported Health Risks and the Need to Talk
WithDaniel Medeiros, Leah Kramnick, Elizabeth Diaz-Cruz, Michael Surko, Angela Diaz
Pages 14

This chapter demonstrates that females want to talk more than males, there is clearly a subgroup of females at high risk who resist talking about their vulnerability. Identifying this subgroup (both for males and females) is important as it is likely that a more intensive effort will be needed to engage them regarding their health issues. A considerable percentage of boys in our study responded positively to disordered eating behavior and weight concern. This finding is significant and may reflect a societal trend towards a more sculpted and muscular body ideal for males. The chapter demonstrates that adolescents who seek mental health counseling have physical health concerns as well. Moreover, when asked, adolescents report wanting to talk about their health risks. Sleep difficulties was the most frequent concern, reported by half of the adolescents surveyed. The chapter concludes that adolescents receiving mental health services should be assessed for health problems by their therapists and should have access to health care.