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Rural vs. Urban Caregivers of Older Adults with Probable Alzheimer’s Disease: Perceptions Regarding Daily Living and Recreation Needs

WithLinda L. Buettner, Sarah Langrish

A survey of 76 caregivers of individuals with probable Alzheimer’s disease was completed over a 2 1/2 year period through the Alzheimer’s Disease Assistance Center at Binghamton University. The survey was used to assess educational and support needs for the families in rural and urban settings. The analysis of the data showed that rural caregivers and care receivers were significantly older, and used fewer services than urban families. Caregivers in both settings were very interested in learning about how to provide activities and recreation for their family member with Alzheimer’s disease. Over 90% of rural families expressed an interest in learning new ways to keep their family member busy with meaningful activities in and out of the home. [Article copies available for a fee from The Haworth Document Delivery Service: 1-800-342-9678. E-mail address: [email protected] <Website: http: //www>]