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Part III, Chapter Three: The Star, or the Eternal Truth – Movement from Loving God to the All (Redeemed God)

I. THE ETERNITY OF TRUTH It is a fundamental claim of both Judaism and Christianity that God is truth and truth is his seal (Siegel). Rosenzweig tells us that this affirmation means that at the end of days there will still be truth (Wahrheit), even though there will no longer be life (Leben) or death (Tot). At this goal life is transformed (wandelt sich) into light (Licht). It is this light that, according to Genesis, is the first thing God creates when he creates the world, which, according to traditional rabbinic midrash, was withdrawn from this world to enlighten the world-to-come, and which, according to traditional Jewish philosophical commentaries, is identical with absolute truth and God as he is in himself, viz., as the Infinite One (EYN-SOF).