chapter  4
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American Metropolitan Evolution

ByJohn R. Borchert

The Chicago Standard Metropolitan Area is second-ranking manufacturing area in the United States. Although the City of Chicago comprises less than 6 per cent of Chicago Standard Metropolitan Area it contains two-thirds of population and approximately the same percentage, or more, of major economic activities associated with the American metropolis. For purposes of describing the pattern and distribution of manufacturing, four zones are suggested as follows: Inner Zone, Outer Zone, Suburban-Fringe Zone, and Outlying-Adjacent Zone. More detailed analysis of industrial suburbanization trend is afforded by outlining zones for Chicago Standard Metropolitan Area and by using information obtained from records of Territorial Information Department of the Commonwealth Edison Company of Chicago. The "Loop" of Chicago is considered a sector within inner zone. In general, zone is characterized by numerous, diverse, small, and older manufacturing concerns primarily occupying multi-storied buildings. Manufacturing is characterized by both large and small concerns, either newly established or relocated, and for most part occupying modern one-storied buildings.