chapter  5
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A Theory for the Location of Cities

ByEdward L. Ullman

This chapter explains the distribution of the major ethnic groups in Chicago since 1960. The numbers of the ethnic groups in the different census tracts are recorded from the US Census for 1960. Following Ford's procedure, the chapter divides the city of Chicago into eighteen mile-wide concentric circle zones from the intersection of State and Madison Streets. In 1960 the distribution of the leading ethnic groups in Chicago was partially due to a time factor in that those of the earliest group, such as the Irish and Swedish, were found farther from the Loop than the newcomers the Mexicans and Puerto Ricans, and the Negroes. The far south was heterogeneous where Hungarians led in Burnside; Russians, in South Shore and South Deering; Polish, in South Chicago, East Side, Hegewisch, Calumet Heights, and West Pullman; Italians, in Roseland and Pullman; and Irish in Avalon Park; here Riverdale has been a Negro community.