chapter  26
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Urban Expansion–Will it Ever Stop?

Physically, the City's growth has taken place almost entirely within the area originally intended for commercial, institutional and governmental use. However, street which was intended as principal boulevard of the City is now not even main business street, chiefly because speculation raised lot prices so high that businessmen preferred to establish themselves on parallel street a block away, which is now in effect Prince Rupert's "Main Street", a lesson not without contemporary relevance. Today, future of Prince Rupert looks brighter, perhaps, than it has since 1912. The plant, located in almost virgin wilderness forty miles from the nearest town, needed a workforce of thousands, and to get and keep a stable and contented workforce meant providing living conditions that would compare favourably with those obtainable in cities and towns to south. Thus Kitimat was born, the region's second planned new town, only eighty miles as crow flies from its first, making them next-door neighbours in terms of that vast country.