chapter  28
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The Kind of Problem a City Is

ByJane Jacobs

This chapter discusses the impact of snow in urban areas, using several lines of investigation. The snow hazard is influenced by the nature of terrain and the kinds of road-surfacing materials used in the area in question. Interviews with private individuals and with proprietors of commercial establishments were used to probe attitudes and adjustments concerning snow hazard. Man's attitudes concerning snow hazard and his subsequent adjustments to it were investigated in each city, but extensive interviewing was confined to Cheyenne, Casper, Rapid City, and Winona. Traffic in and out of Cheyenne was confined mainly to emergency vehicles, attempting to get aid to the more than three hundred motorists stranded on United States Highway 30 to the west of the city. Then the role of community adjustment and adaptation is examined, and, finally, attitudes concerning the snow hazard are probed, by means of interviews, to gain understanding of adaptations and adjustments that are characteristically made.