chapter  15
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In Response to Wooley and to Schwartz and Galperin

WithMary Chewning-Korpach, Roy J. O’Shaughnessy

“Sexual Revictimization: A Cautionary Note” was written by the first author, from an individual psychotherapy point of view. It essentially maintains that at least one facet of the treatment of some repeat victims might involve examining the possibility that the repetition-compulsion might be operative. It particularly supports the use of countertransference reactions in diagnosis and treatment formulation, and refers especially to the repeat victim manifesting character disorders. In addressing the possibility of victim reenactment, it strays from the “no responsibility to the victim” ‘ herd, and presents an aspect of case conceptualization whose sociopolitical ramifications could be tremendous. One concern in presenting such a politically unpopular thesis is that it engenders rightly passionate responses from those who fear the misuse and abuse of scientific ambiguity. Used irresponsibly, naively, or outside of context, such information can even be used to perpetuate victimization on a sociolegal level.