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Out of the Ink Well (The Rorschach Method)

WithMorris Krugman

Hermann Rorschach’s work overlapped much of the early work with ink-blots, since he experimented with them from 1911 to 1921. Foremost among those who attempted to extend Rorschach’s work was, of course, Oberholzer, still recognized as the dean of Rorschach workers. Immediately following 1921, many of the published reports on the Rorschach method dealt with explanation and amplification of the technique, and with the underlying theory. The literature abounds with testimony from reputable workers in the various schools of psychology and in widely different situations as to the validity of the Rorschach. Beginning with a study of the Rorschach, as applied to the feebleminded, in 1930, a study considerably expanded in a report in 1932, Beck has published one, two or three significant reports every year since 1930. In addition to the marked increase in Rorschach publications, there are numerous other indications of its acceptance in this country and abroad.