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Some Theoretical Considerations Regarding the Rorschach Method

WithMaria Rickers-Ovsiankina

Every scientist, while working on the discovery of specific empirical facts, does so with the ultimate hope in mind, that his findings, however small or even unimportant they might appear at the time, eventually will be incorporated into the larger body of that particular science. The emergence of new theoretical assumptions of course leads in turn a search for new empirical facts which would be in line with the theory. The Dr. Hermann Rorschach test is a method which assigns to a subject certain personality characteristics on the basis of the reaction of this subject to perceptive material. The Rorschachist finally arrives at a psychological description of the subject’s personality through a complex process of inspection of categories their comparison and evaluation. Rorschach was led to the conclusion by the fact that all clinical groups which are characterized by vivid emotionality gave many color responses on the test, whereas people of either stable or depressive moods gave few or none.