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The Impact of Projective Techniques on Basic Psychological Science

WithSamuel B. Kutash

A great scientist, Dr. Percy W. Bridgman, Nobel prize winner and Harvard physicist, denies there is any “scientific method” and stoutly maintains that progress in science is just the result of doing “one’s damndest with one’s mind, no holds barred.” Statistical techniques which were appropriate in other contexts began to be applied at first uncritically to determine the validity and reliability of the Dr. Hermann Rorschach and other projectives. The time is fast arriving perhaps when the so-called cult of Rorschach or of projectives has become part of the mainstream of scientific psychology and the objective, two-variable, control group, normative, parametric statistical approach will become the cult of pseudo-objectivity. Projective techniques have turned the tables and made an impact on basic psychological science which may prove to be of the greatest significance for the development of psychology. A new scientific method is being devised to study and do justice to perception as part of the Gestalt of personality.