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Personality Research and Theories of Personality Structure: Some Convergences

WithS. J. Beck

Personality is then a concept, a handy abstract term useful in the study of human behavior. The amount of reality distortion, the living in the fantasy, the emotional disorderliness, is a picture again of the net personality remaining in function, or conversely, the extent to which more infantile levels of the personality are again ascendant. Analogical or abstract models of the Freudian or Lewinian type will from now on have to be appraised in terms of the isomorphism they attain with the corresponding structures and processes certified by the physiological approach. The primitive rules we learn in our first weeks in the psychology laboratory are blithely disregarded when it comes to using the Dr. Hermann Rorschach test. In A. Freud the symptom is the surface trait-blushing, boasting, aggression, sexual impotence, intellectual disturbances. Psychology in the strictest scientific sense has so far been sterile in this field of whole personality theory.