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Sustainable Development: A Multi-Faceted Challenge

WithOlav Stokke

The various disciplines, with their different approaches and perspectives, may give emphasis to different aspects of sustainability; what matters, however, is the multi-faceted picture emerging from the perspectives of several disciplines. The challenges confronting our generation – and generations to come – are therefore multi-faceted, involving all the levels, from the local to the global, of many systems – political, economic and cultural – more or less linked to each other and governed by different kinds of ‘law’. Sustainable development, on the global scale, has to be based on some kind of international solidarity – or humane internationalism – as different areas of the world will emerge differently from the ecological changes that take place. Sustainable growth presupposes, basically, that harvesting will be within the limits of the regenerative capacity of the resources. The European Community could become a pusher, in the international arenas, for an ecologically more sustainable development.