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Document: Climate, Environment and Development

WithJan van Ettinger, T. Hans Jansen, Catrinus J. Jepma

This chapter deals with global ‘climate’ related problems of the ‘environment’, with special attention to the effects on ‘development’. It discusses measures to mitigate the – as insufficiently predictable – impacts of climate change as well as measures to reduce net emissions of greenhouse gases. The wait-and-see policy attitude characteristic of the 1970s has changed to one of finding policy strategies and measures capable of buying the time needed to understand and manage the mutual interactions between climate and development. Three types of ‘adaptation’ measures will be distinguished: mitigation of impacts on agriculture, forestry and fisheries; improving infrastructure; and accelerating socio-economic development. Water resource development and management forms one of the life-sustaining activities. Accelerating socio-economic development of Developing Countries will prove to be vital to lower their vulnerability. Measures to this end belong to ‘development co-operation’ rather than to climate change policies.