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Let us not omit the Szekely women of former days. The wife of every l 6fo or dara bon t wore a large chignon, in which were stuck two big pins, as if she had two horns ; the part of the pins above the chignon was bulbous, and was left outside the chignon; those better off had pins all of silver, including the head, and some had gilded heads, others whatever suited them, but it was the great glory of the women and girls of those days that one rarely heard one called a whore, especially among the Hungarians . I recall that when I was a boy there was a whore in Torja that bore a bastard, and she died in childbed; she had such a reputation for being a whore, as if it were a great wonder; nowadays, however, it is nothing to wonder at, and indeed perhaps the respectable are as rare now as whores were then.