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Chapter the Second Of Titles

And that I may begin to speak of titles, I have learnt from aged men, the same that learnt at first hand of the rout of Mojzes Szekely at Brasso3 , that when Prince Zsigmond Bathori yielded Transylvania to Emperor Rudolph8 titles had so multiplied that when Mojzes Szekely and his men perished together on the Barca, in one ploughed field alone lay the bodies of fourteen counts and na gys ag os urak5; but with the accession of Istvan Bocskai, Zsigmond Rakoczi 6 and other princes , he counted himself fortunate that could lay claim to the style of na gys ag os, though sure enough, nowadays many worthy families have ancient letters patent in the chest. When I was a boy the style of nagys ag os had become so rare in Transylvania that there was no count other than Laszlo Csaky of Keresztszeg, and the only nagys ag os urak were the brothers Pal and Janos Haller, Gyorgy Banffi (Emperor Leopold7 had created his father Dienes Banffi baron) , Laszlo Gyulaffi, Gaspar Komis, Janos Kemeny, the brothers Laszlo and Simon, Pal Vesselenyi, Benedek Seredi and Miklos Orlai--though he was from Hungary.