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Chapter the Fourth Of the Prince's Luncheon and Dinner

When Mihaly Apaffi I, ruling prince of Transylvania, died on 15 April 1690 in the castle of Fogaras he left orphaned his only son Mihaly Apaffi II ; in 1695 the Emperor Leopold, through Count Veteranyi, then general commanding, summoned him to Vienna and there admonished him with many fine words of advice. On being allowed to return to Transylvania he paid no heed to the admonitions of Emperor Leopold nor of the royal court, nor did he accept the sound advice of the true and patriotic Lords of the Counci l of Transylvania, but he followed the counsel of one of his own age and acting on the good faith of certain noble Bethlens (for the Bethlens did not all approve his intention) he took to wife Kata, daughter of Gergely Bethlen. That pleased neither the imperial court, nor his true fel low-countrymen. When the wedding had taken place the imperial court summoned him once more to Vienna, and did not release him again; his wife therefore followed him to Vienna. Emperor Leopold was so gracious to him as to create him Prince of the Holy Roman Empire, but on condition that he abdicate the principality of Transylvania. That was the worthy fruit of his marriage; therefore let us see how the feast of that hapless wedding took place.