chapter  3
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Narrating the Nation and Challenging Discourses


This chapter demonstrates the resilience and adaptability of immigrant women and girls in the face of policies created with little or no acknowledgment of the reality of student's lives. The creative negotiation of restricted spaces is an essential element of the story of African women's immigration experiences in the US (United States). Stories of three African immigrant girls, they are Bintou, Fanta, and Djenebou offer glimpses into the complexity of future planning and decision making for immigrant young women who may have little control over the circumstances of their schooling or marriage. The chapter explains insight into the negotiations, obstacles, and achievements inherent in this struggle, which is punctuated by the social inequities faced by immigrant young women of color in America's cities. Postcolonial feminists have offered insight into the ways in which women in the Global South have resisted binary-laden proposals for their lives traditional or modern, African or Western, and wife or student.