chapter  5
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Problematizing My Position as a Researcher: Studying the Construction of Class by Chilean and Colombian International Students


This chapter identifies areas in which institutional policy could foster greater inclusion by examining the contentious relationships between citizenship and educational access, and between undocumented students and the campus community. Gabriel, a professor at Sunny Research University (SRU), captures both the challenges and consequences that confront the effort to build institutional support for undocumented students in higher education. Without clarification of existing federal provisions or Congressional actions for comprehensive immigration reform, state lawmakers and institutional leaders use local discretion when enacting federal regulations. The institutional practices might appear trivial to those with legal status, such as entering a social security number into the online admissions application or having to show government-issued identification prior to receiving services at the student health center. According to Museus and Jayakumar, institutional subcultures are created and perpetuated by a group on campus which has distinct values, assumptions, and perspectives that guide behavior of its group members in a manner that challenges monocultural norms.