chapter  10
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Internationally Recruited Teachers and Migration: Structures of Instability and Tenuous Settlement


Between 1999 and 2002 one of the nation’s largest school districts recruited more than one hundred teachers from all over the world through their Global Educators Recruitment (GER) program. (GER is a pseudonym, as are all names of individuals, local entities, and locations.) The main purpose of the recruitment was to address teacher shortages. This qualitative study examines the experiences of GER teachers recruited from African countries to work in the Metro School District (MSD). In this chapter, we situate the recruitment of the teachers within the context of international labor migration and the social processes of migration. Like the other chapters in this section, we examine how multiple policies in the areas of citizenship, security, and education intersect to aff ect the lived experiences-educational and otherwise-of the immigrants participating in this study.