chapter  1
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Introduction: Locating Immigrants in US Education Contexts


In the US, community-based English as a second language (CESL) adult education programs have traditionally been aimed at assimilating immigrants into US society. This chapter examines three adult transnational students' experiences and perceptions of English as a second language (ESL) classes in an adult CESL program in the rural South Eastern US. As the global movements of people, information, and capital become more pervasive and the access and use of communication technology continues to expand, migrants increasingly engage in transnational activities that link and widen their social, political, cultural, and educational networks across multiple nations. The chapter focuses on three transnational women, Angela, Somya, and Jenny, who are enrolled in a CESL program within an ESL program at a major public university in the rural southeastern US. Although scholars have examined migrant youth and education, little research has focused on transnational adult migrants in ESL education programs.