chapter  11
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Teachers working with the community and other professionals: full service and extended schools

ByAlan Dyson

In countries across the world, schools are being developed that look beyond their classrooms and try to engage with the whole of their students’ lives. While their main concern remains with teaching and learning, they see the way their students learn as inseparable from how they develop as people, and therefore from the lives they lead outside the classroom, among their friendship groups, in their families and in their communities. For these schools, therefore, it is not enough to teach well. They must also do what they can to ensure that children are healthy, confident and socially adept, that their families are stable and supportive, and that the places where children live are safe, well-resourced and rich with opportunities. It is, of course, impossible for schools to achieve all of this on their own. They therefore develop partnerships with other children’s services, with community agencies and

organisations and with local businesses. For some of them, this means that they change from being institutions whose sole task is to educate children to being agents in the development of whole communities.