chapter  26
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Working together in children’s services: constants and changes

ByMalcolm Hill, George Head, Andrew Lockyer

This book has been produced at a time of major change in the UK and international context, particularly related to the onset of recession from 2008 and the replacement of a new Labour government in Westminster after ten years by a Conservative – Liberal Democrat coalition government. The former has increased pressures on family income and resources. The latter introduced major reductions in funding to the public sector. The UK government has sought to promote what it hopes will be a compensating development in voluntary sector and volunteer effort (not the same) as part of the ‘Big Society’. A number of more specific radical policy initiatives have included a shift to health service commissioning by GP and other health professionals, alterations in teacher education and training, greater autonomy for school heads, devolution to localities and a ‘bonfire’ of quangos, like the National CAMHS Support Service. The government is committed to reducing centralised recording and accountability procedures, which virtually all professional groups have complained about.