chapter  11
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Popular organisation, local power and development

ByMaría Verónica Bastías Gonzalez

NPA's strategic position is set out in its Basic Guidelines papers, which provide a sound analysis of the global political and economic situation. On this basis, it assumes the institutional position as a critical actor in the debate over the role played by international co-operation. NPA contributes to overcoming major developmental obstacles, such as poverty and environmental degradation, resulting from both an unfair international economic order and the hardships of current démocratisation processes in the South. It is not easy to implement this position, since it must be translated into concrete action, taking account first of all the aspirations and actual expectations of Southern actors. In this struggle, consideration must be given to their capacities, as well as the limitations of an organisation that strives to be consistent with its principles and the mandate of its founders and main partners - Norway's trade unions - while also bearing in mind Chile's domestic problems.