chapter  12
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EIA report review

If there is only one point in an EIA process where formal consultation and participation take place, it is during the review of the EIA report. Indeed, in some jurisdictions, public review is virtually synonymous with public participation. This is not to say that all jurisdictions provide for public participation once the EIA report has been prepared (that in Hong Kong, for example, does not always do so: Wood and Coppell, 1999). However, nearly all do. The public review of ElA reports provides an invaluable check on their quality, especially where such checks have not been applied earlier in the ElA process. This chapter advances a set of evaluation criteria for the treatment of the review of EIA reports in ElA systems. These criteria are then employed in the analysis ofElA report review procedures in the United States, UK, the Netherlands, Canada, Commonwealth of Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.