chapter  11
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Geopolitics in South America

The importance of geopolitics One of the most important sets of ideas for a better understanding of contemporary Latin America is contained in geopolitics. Internationally, it _can help interpret power struggles -- between nation-states; within individual countries it can help to understand curious phenomena such as inordinately expensive investment programmes in frontier regions, the movement of capital cities, or the declaration of free ports and industrial zones, in regions with no suitable infrastructure. - -"

Geopolitics may be described as a set of concepts which provide a scientific or pseudo-scientific rationale for the territorial expansion of nation-states, or which -explain the relative strength and weaknesses of states in terms of their position, shape, topography and resources. Apart from hist()rical explanations, the ·ideas can of course be used to. project the future, or to make a claim -for expansion to have better access to resources, better position in a continent, or simply to follow a pattern of expansion because this is seen as healthy.