chapter  2
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Transition in context: Theory in post-socialist transformations

ByJohn Pickles, Tim Unwin

This chapter gives an opportunity for making voices from Central and Eastern Europe heard. It gave the opportunity to people to reflect on the lives of people in Central and Eastern Europe, to compare them with their own personal geographies and to relate them to their own personal, cultural baggage. The chapter consists of few studies that were conducted with specific agendas and approaches. All of the people lived through their own transitions with their own struggles, challenges and successes. Some people struggled more than others and are still struggling. Others have carved out niches for themselves that permitted impressive successes. The chapter presents useful suggestions for policy-making for the future. It brings everyday experiences closer to the reader, to try and understand the world of transition from within, to listen to voices in other languages and from other places. The book provides a small window to experiences in Central and Eastern Europe and Russia.