chapter  1
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Disability, Culture and Identity: Introduction

BySheila Riddell, Nick Watson

This chapter reveals the changing relationship between disability art and the processes and practices of cultural institutions specifically, the art establishment. Disability Art was first a significant item on the agenda of disability politics between 1985 and 1987, a period during which the London Disability Arts Forum was founded along with its seminal Disability Arts magazine DAIL. Disability Art is about the nature of the barbarism of contemporary culture in relation to itself through explorations of the construction of otherness and disability. The acceptance of the medical model of disability has increased within society and arts practice with the arrival of biotechnology, which claims to provide the means of eradicating impairment. Since the initial period of hope for, and of, Disability Art, most regions linked to the English Regional Arts Board (RAB) funding system have developed and now run Disability Arts Forums (DAFs).