chapter  4
22 Pages

Urban change and the localities

ByAlison Stenning

The focus of this chapter is on the experiences of transformation and post-socialism at the local scale. The intention is to ground and explore the wider changes ongoing in east central European and former Soviet societies, discussed in the previous chapters, in the places where they are happening. Whilst the large-scale and wide-ranging reviews of post-socialist transformation are important in understanding the ‘bigger picture’ and the sheer enormity of the restructuring underway in the region, it is critical also to seek to comprehend what these macro-scale changes mean for the people and places experiencing them – how have people’s daily lives changed, what do privatisation and internationalisation mean for the everyday practices of consumption, how have the landscapes of everyday life been transformed, and how is politics now practised at the local scale? These are a few of the questions that this chapter seeks to provide some answers for, whilst also raising more questions and making explicit links to processes of change in other parts of the world.