chapter  6
24 Pages

Environment and environmentalism

ByJon Oldfield, Sarah O’Hara and Denis Shaw

Nevertheless, our understanding of the environmental situation within the region is by no means comprehensive. Problems of data generation and compatibility hinder an effective assessment of the environmental situation within many of the constituent countries. The scale of societal change evident within the region further undermines existing monitoring and reporting systems, while at the same time depressing popular interest in environmental issues. Bearing these problems in mind, this chapter has two main aims. The first part of the chapter emphasises the general environmental trends evident within the region as a whole. This includes an assessment of the communist environmental legacy in addition to the identification of new environmental trends and pressures common to the countries of ECE and the FSU. In contrast, the second part of the chapter is concerned with highlighting the variation in environmental problems and associated responses evident within the region. This is done through an examination of environmental issues pertinent to the countries of Central Asia and the Russian Federation.