chapter  2
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Qualitative Research: It Just Keeps Getting More Interesting!

BySara L. Rynes, Jean M. Bartunek

We developed our curiosity about interesting research-and particularly, interesting qualitative research-in a roundabout way. In 2004, each of us had just taken on a significant editorial role with the Academy of Management Journal (AMJ)—Rynes as incoming editor and Bartunek as incoming chair of the AMJ advisory committee. Prior to becoming editor, Rynes conducted a survey of the editorial board, asking (among other things) what board members thought was the single most important change to make at the journal. The most frequent answers were varied: accept less formulaic, more innovative research (17%); relax the theory requirement (10%); keep a balanced, broad base of appeal and remain open to all (8%); increase methodological rigor (6%); aim for higher impact and address more socially important issues (5%); and eliminate research notes (5%) (Rynes, 2005).