chapter  21
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Leveraging Archival Data from Online Communities for Grounded Process Theorizing

ByNatalia Levina, Emmanuelle Vaast

Process theorizing-theorizing that focuses on how social events unfold over time-has been a stronghold for qualitative research for many years (Hernes, 2014; Langley, 1999; Langley et al., 2013; Markus & Robey, 1988; Pentland, 1999). Whereas there are many flavors of process theorizing (Van de ven & Poole, 1995), there is a shared concern among process theorists to observe and explain how social life unfolds over time. Process theorizing thus depends on accessing longitudinal data, either through direct observations of events unfolding over time, archival records, or narratives of people who took part in these events.