chapter  25
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Ethnography Across the Work Boundary: Benefits and Considerations for Organizational Studies

ByMelissa Mazmanian, Christine M. Beckman, Ellie Harmon

Ethnographic data is always indebted to the people we study-the people who let us in to their spaces, share their stories, and allow us to observe their everyday practices. Thus, every piece of ethnographic data is the result of a specific relationship between ethnographers and the people they study. While the importance of the relationship exists in all ethnographic research, the significance and intimacies of the link are particularly salient when people agree to be studied in multiple (public and private) spaces. In this chapter we explore these intricacies of engagement with individuals across multiple spaces through our own research studying technology use by busy professionals at work, at home, and in the various locations of their daily lives (including church, restaurants, sporting events, and grocery stores).