chapter  38
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The Journey From Data to Qualitative Inductive Paper: Who Helps and How?

ByŠpela Trefalt, Marya L. Besharov

When a qualitative inductive researcher leaves the field, he or she faces mountains of data and a blank computer screen. Recognizing that the road to producing a paper is often long and difficult, scholars have written a number of texts aimed at helping new and seasoned researchers navigate the journey from data collection to publication. Most of this work focuses on collecting better data, analyzing it more deeply and comprehensively, and writing it up in ways that articulate compelling theoretical contributions (e.g., Becker, 1998; Carlson & Dutton, 2011; Given, 2008; Glaser & Strauss, 1967; Golden-Biddle & Locke, 2007; Locke, Golden-Biddle, & Feldman, 2008; Lofland & Lofland, 1995; Pratt, 2009; Strauss & Corbin, 1998; Van Maanen, 1988; Weiss, 1995). Yet it is well known that we do not travel alone on the road from data to paper, even when we are single authors of our work. To produce exemplary papers, we enlist others to help us make sense of our data and write up our work for publication. We engage trusted colleagues in conversations and consultations, and we organize ourselves into groups and communities to provide venues for social support.