chapter  40
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Mixing Quantitative and Qualitative Research

BySarah Kaplan

In the field of management, there is often a gulf between qualitative and quantitative research. Despite a wealth of literature on mixing qualitative and quantitative methods (Bryman, 2006; Creswell & Clark, 2007; Jick, 1979; Small, 2011), rarely do individual scholars conduct both forms of research, and even more rarely do they present them together in a single scholarly work. Quantitative researchers may view qualitative research as suspect, or only as a means to generate hypotheses to test in quantitative analyses. According to this view, qualitative research is but an intermediate output supporting “empirical” regression analysis. On the other hand however, qualitative researchers often view quantitative work as too reductive. They may only include quantitative data for rhetorical purposes, recognizing that they are outnumbered (no pun intended) in a world dominated by scholars untrained in qualitative methods.