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Commentary on ‘Setting the stage’


The International Union of Psychological Sciences (IUPsyS) aims to develop programs of action to raise the quality of education and training of psychologists worldwide to ensure the advancement of science as well as quality psychological services rendered to individuals and collectives. In accordance with these objectives, the Work Group for Psychology Education and Training (PET) was constituted as a part of the IUPsyS strategic plan adopted in 2008, with the initial task of a comprehensive stock-take of systems and structures of education highlighting commonalities and differences internationally across countries. Issues relating to the content and specialization of academic programs at various levels required the collection of information, particularly from member countries of IUPsyS. The earlier IUPsyS survey of 1990-91, with responses from 28 countries (Nixon, 1994), was considered outdated, necessitating a new survey. Chapter 1 by Pinquart and Bernardo reports the results of responses from 49 countries to the 2011-12 IUPsyS survey on psychology education and training.