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Bella. A love song for war

WithJohannes C.S. Frank

This chapter discusses Bella's A love song for war that bella, my darling, you are usually so interruptive cannot you see that our platonic parenthesishas entertained us far too long. Remember how you danced to your own hymnhips ashakin, men agroanin, lips aroarin, men agroaninoh, how we all joined in with our aspirations: hail, hosiannah, and lift your snout from your tranquility trough. The old fogeys racked their brains on how to make something of nothinglet us give them a refreshing answer by making nothing of something herodotus, theucydides, xenophon, polibius, tacituslet me add a verse with my apologia pro poemate meojust a minute. An identity surplus for your ballo, bella, as all join in in your one-two-three countering their counter-response: push, advance, push, advanceand the sky erupts with the shower of your sparkler bombsthat. Boys you whisper with your wonderful wisp ofoleoresin capsicum the lover in your heart of hearts, your brothel of brothelsa taste inherent.