chapter  1
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International criminal justice

A critical research agenda
WithFrédéric Mégre

This chapter explores the broad contours of what might be described as a critical project in international criminal justice. The chapter reviews Feminist critique which has been turned against various forms of feminist gains in successive waves, challenging the seemingly progressive as effectively conservative, and making it in the process the most internally complex and multilayered of the strands of critique. When it comes to fleshing out how exactly the power of international criminal justice is exercised in ways that would warrant criticism, perhaps no critique has echoed internationally more than the one that international criminal justice is increasingly turning into a manifestation of Western neo-colonialism. From accepting to go ahead with the Soviet push to punish the German defendants for the Katyn massacre, to not launching prosecutions for NATO bombings in Kosovo or British treatment of prisoners in Iraq, international tribunals seem to have deeply internalized the need not to cross red lines.